Wells Fargo Archives Big Data

| October 19, 2011

Wells Fargo Archives Big Data, Dan Gatti, Big Data I/O Forum


At Wells Fargo, creating and managing rich media content used for internal communications—training, meeting and conference support, human resources and corporate communications—had become increasingly painful.


 Their existing partially file-based workflow was costly to operate and labor-intensive. Completed projects had to be cataloged manually before being written to videotape for archiving, and when archived content was needed again, the process of locating, retrieving and re-digitizing content wasted valuable IT staff resources. At the same time, the physical space required to store videotapes was straining their facility’s capacity. Finally, they were dissatisfied with their backup software, which had proven to be unreliable.


Like most corporate creative services groups, the San Francisco team at Wells Fargo creates content digitally, but until recently still relied on videotape to preserve content long-term. After putting up with manual archive searches, re-digitizing content and a rapidly filling video storage room, they knew it was time to implement a fully digital workflow. To make this final step, they rolled out Apple Final Cut Server for asset management and turned to Atempo for digital archiving and data protection.


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