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SnappThings enables mobile devices by inserting APIs or creating dynamic APIs without knowledge of the Operating System, Mobile Technology, Communication Protocol or Sensors. Any mobile device can be embedded into the workflow for mobile applications and the “Internet of Things”. End users without any programming experience can “Create Dynamic Apps” with visual drag & drop features that reduces implementation time from 5 months to 1 month and transforms the user experience from “What If” to “I Can”.

Today’s smart phone can use thousands of pre-defined apps that capture data, store and send data from your handheld. What you don’t have is the ability to analyze the data and make decisions based on the data and dynamically change the outcome.

With the upcoming proliferation of the Internet of Things, the SnappThings platform will let you create fully integrated IoT Mobile Apps and control the information provided by any Smart Sensors and IoT clouds, on any communication protocol or any operating system and device.

SnappThings platform provides:

  1. Rapid prototyping and development system on any smart phone and smart sensors.
  2. Personalized deep customization enabling users to customize their smart phone and create their own decision or control the outcome.
  3. Analytics that track behavior and contextual history as well as engagement levels to generate recommendations based on information provided by the Internet of Things.
  4. Platform Middleware software, which allows any IoT application to run any Mobile Platform and Smart Sensor devices.
  5. Developers can launch their App by dropping their API into Platform Middleware.