Centers of Excellence

Chairmen’s Roundtable

The Chairmen’s RoundTable (CRT) ( is a group of highly accomplished executives who devote their time to helping select San Diego companies navigate their business challenges. Mentors exchange ideas, expertise, and connections to help CEO clients and their companies become more successful.
CEOs of more than 700 companies have turned to the CRT for pro-bono guidance from former CEOs and business unit leaders of companies such as Burger King, Northrup Grumman, 3Com, AT&T, Harley Davidson, SAIC, Seagram, Pepsi-Cola, SeaWorld, BSAF, and Caterpillar.

Members of CRT include Mentors, Partners, and Sponsors who are dedicated to providing their expertise for our client’s success and to the growth of the San Diego area economy.

South Geeks

South Geeks ( a nearshoring company established with the vision to conduct business consciously,  building high-quality teams with competitive rates for software development projects at cost-effective prices. We help companies in The United States to access exceptional talent benefiting from the lower cost of living in our region. Our culture, values, and long-term vision set us apart from other providers.

South Geeks connect and inspire people so they can strive for excellence, putting people first, performing with integrity and empowering collaboration.



Viz Center

Eric Frost directs the SDSU Viz Center  ( and the Homeland Security Graduate Program ( at SDSU. The focus is on doing real things and teaching our 120+ graduate students from this perspective to help build the leaders and managers of the future. Our end product and joy is in preparing students largely for public service on a global basis. Combining sensors, communication devices, data fusion, cloud computing, and social media provide a pathway to help educate our students in the Internet of Things and the incredible power hat it represents for global humanitarian assistance and disaster relief as well as nearly every other aspect of Homeland Security, business, education, tourism, and life.

IoT Center and Cloud Storage Centeriot-center

The role of the CIO in today’s world is changing because of cloud computing, IoT and the focus on analytics.  The Cloud Storage and IoT Centers create a unique opportunity for SDSU students to be prepared for the changing business environment. They can gain extremely valuable knowledge with hands-on experience with the rush to cloud computing and how to develop IoT applications that impact business decisions focused on analytics with devices embedded in the workflow